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Our Wedding Designers can accent the depth of your with luxurious surroundings that will the magic to live on Forever. Creating the perfect takes a special touch. From Lavish lighting through to Rich Feature table settings, every details is taken care of Wedding is the most important day & a Cherishing Moment of life. Our Ex-haustive section on wedding decor will help that Fairytale Wedding. Combined with a range of delicious, Gourmet Buffet options, Your once in a lifetime event will leave your guests touched and moved.

Corporate and Parties

Stardom allows versatile use of space for everything-ranging from exhibitions, conferences, seminars etc. to the finest banquet parties in the evening. Stardom is a spacious hall ideal for larger gatherings. The food setup is provided inside the hall itself. As about our Corporate menus, they’ve been created with a lot of thought and effort. Each dish has been fleshed-out in painstaking details and tested innumerable times before being approved.